A Belgian manufactory Marie’s Corner was founded in 1991 and has been successful ever since, guided by its devotion to the classical design with a contemporary edge. Marie’s Corner produces couches, armchairs, chairs, stools and a younger line of tables.

The materials are ecological wood, leather and textile. The distinction lies in elegant forms and lines, and natural color palette. At the same time every collection presents fresh designer ideas and all possible colors, samples of retro, graphical, classical and modern styles.  Thus the assortment is diversified.


This furniture is the basis of everyday comfort of the household.  Sensually attractive, not too soft, yet very pleasurable, the armchairs and sofas are meant to be a place for relaxation.The accessories match the overall approach.  Superior quality and interesting design are the reasons of the popularity of this brand and the respect it gets from the designers all over the world.


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