A rug can completely change the interior, make it nice and cozy and bear witness of the financial well-being and the high status of the owner at the same time. No wonder the royal European interiors are decorated with the exceptional handmade rugs.

Every rug by The RUG Company has individual design, color, and size and is made-to-measure. For years The RUG Company has been recognized as the most authentic rug creator and producer, thanks to the designs of the fashion icons such as Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, Diane von Fürstenberg, Kelly Wearstler, Neisha Crosland  and others. 

The handmade rug is a true piece of art, the standard of luxury and a sign of good taste. The Rug Company's rugs are made of the hand-processed wool of Tibetan sheep reared in Tibet, and are woven using the Tibetan knot - essentially they are Tibetan rugs knotted in Nepal, Tibet's next-door neighbor. Their creation relies on a mixture of Tibetan and Napali expertise, and on the view of the Western design. The RUG company received numerous awards for the best design and innovation.


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