Morris&Co, a British brand, is well known in the world for its distinctive characteristic style and for its faultless workmanship. The aesthetic of the hand-craftsmanship created by Morris made a revolution in decoration.

The first products the company presented to its customers were frescos, stained-glass windows, metal articles and furniture.  Later Morris laid his eyes on wallpaper, fabrics and ceramics.  He dedicated the decade between 70s and 80s to learning and mastering different textile dyeing techniques, and this knowledge transformed into his first collection of printed fabrics, jacquards, embroidery and tapestry.

The emergence of Morris&Co was a very important milestone in the history of the British design.  At that time the fashionable interiors looked pompous, that was the essence of the Victorian style.  The aesthetic of the hand-craftsmanship was a real revolution.  Morris&Co today is a popular brand in many countries in the world, and it is valued for the exclusivity of the wallpaper and the textile.  This brand is well established as a leader of this market.  



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