Minotti’s style reflects the Milano design school approach, a constant experiment, an endless search for new forms and technical solutions in order to enhance the beauty and usability of the products. 

The signature trait of Minotti is low seating of its sofas in combination with massive character and unusual length. The brand is very attentive to its materials.  The color palette is gray, brown, dark green, beige, black, sometimes metallic; only two sorts of wood are used, rosewood and zebrano.  The furniture is often adorned by all sorts of pelts: crocodile, cow, and python. This assortment of wild finishing will definitely catch the heart of a real predator, a master of life.  Despite these wild notes, the main distinction of Minotti’s style is contemporary city energetic elegance. 


The manufactory was founded by Alberto Minotti in 1948 in Milano, and for 30 years it was specializing in classical sofas and armchairs.  Yet when a new art director Rodolfo Dordoni arrived in the company, the new story of the brand began. Together with the designer Antonello Maska they created splendid collections named after the maîtres of art: Klimt, Johns, Pollock, Braque, and Delaunay.


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