The French manufactory Lelievre is one of the world's leading producers of interior textile and decoration. The company exists for over 100 years and its products have always been in line with the spirit of time and with the quality expectations of the exigent customers.

The company includes several well-known brands: The distinctive style of the eminent fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier shines through fabrics and accessories that he creates for Lelievre – a skillful combination of different genres, color subtleties and classics, eccentricity and dynamic elegance. Sonia Rykiel Maison reflects a changing world and a dynamic lifestyle in its pattern collection designed for Lelievre. Tassinari&Chatel copies and produces vintage fabrics inspired by the archived documents.


Every year Lelievre proves its international reputation and manages to stay a leader of the industry not only in France but throughout the world. A large assortment of fabrics allows Lelievre to maintain its high status, as well as the constantly updated designs and, naturally, the creation of the new modern tendencies of design evolution.

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