Osborne & Little enjoys a world-wide reputation of a creator of exquisite fabrics, wallpaper, accessories and objects of decor.

For over four decades Osborne and Little has been creating interior fabrics and wallpaper forming or following closely the world trends. In the 80s in their distinctive collection depicting solar and lunar patterns when they experimented with the dye effects, in 2010 when they used holography in their creations and up to today, when the company experiments with metal particles, Osborne & Little never seize to astonish the public.

Osborne & Little is the producer and distributor of the wallpaper and fabrics by Nina Campbell and Matthew Williamson, as well as a well-known brand «Liberty Furnishings» and the Parisian design studio Lorca. Osborne and Little constantly composes new collections, abiding with modern bright textiles with stunning prints and uncommon colors.


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