Since 1797 Zuber stays the only French mill which has reserved its production traditions and which up to this day pursues the unique printing technique with special wooden blocks.

Original boards collected for two centuries form an impressive archive, consisting of more than 10 000 designs.  This collection has a historical significance. Zuber contributes to the national heritage of France with its printing mill equipped with the ancient printing presses dating back to XVIII–XIXth centuries.  

The textile wall coverings are exclusively produced of natural fibers, even the dyeing is done manually.  The textile wallpaper is mainly made of atlas, velour and velvet.  These fabrics manifest the spirit of old times and the grandeur of castle chambers, the prints are re-created from the splendid XVIII century’s patterns.
Zuber wallcoverings adorn the walls of monarchs, star’s villas, top politician’s residences;  some of the collections were used to restore the most remarkable castles of France, and even Versailles.



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