The name of «Zimmer + Rohde» enjoys more than four generations of fame. This company specializes in producing elite fabrics that boast innovative design and answer all the possible modern demands. The aim of the company is to turn the name of «Zimmer + Rohde» into a synonym of high style and of high quality.

Zimmer + Rohde employs a large team of designers who are in a constant search of original color solutions, patterns and decorative elements. Artists and decorators with world fame are engaged in some of the projects. The signature creations of this German brand are complex combinatory textiles, like taffeta with an intricate printed pattern, shimmering silk with velour insertions, upholstery velvet with artificial traces of time.  The hit of the collections are chameleon fabrics processed and dyed in a special way.

Zimmer + Rohde was founded in 1899 and ever since it has been one of the most recognizable German brands.  The collections by Zimmer + Rohde are created by a team of designers who work with weaving mills all around the world. Every manufactory has a narrow specialization, this is the way to pursue the quality standards on a large scale.



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