A British manufactory Porta Romana produces lighting and home accessories. The signature trait of its authentic style is reflected in every item produced by this company and is due to the loving manual labor of the employees of this little, almost family company.

Porta Romana is known for large accessories' collections that can fit a large variety of interiors: houses, yachts, hotels, and even movie decorations. For over 25 years the talanted craftsmen embody in material different designer ideas,  for example, lamps standing on duck feet or pear-shaped lamps. The lighting collections by Porta Romana combine contemporary style with the classical elements.  The attention to detail is stunning, including the finesse of the shade materials, satin, silk and linen. Every product of the manufactory results from shaping the raw materials into pieces of art.  The process includes processing, covering and finishing. The lighting objects are made of metal, blown glass, bronze, ceramics and wood.  

For more than 20 years of its history numerous unique items produced by the company have earned iconic fame; everybody knows lamps standing on duck feet or pear-shaped lamps, giraffe lamps and classical style lamps with unique multicolor blown glass basements. With every object leaving the manufactory the company sings a hymn to crafts and craftsmen, glass blowers, sculptors, welders and smiths. Porta Romana is often compared with Chanel for its flawless sense of style and courage.

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