Декоративная ваза Ring Bottle-Crimson (высокая)

295 $
  • В наличии

    Б. Саввинский пер., 12

  • Артикул: 8.82203
  • Бренд: Global Views
  • Описание:

    Pill-shaped art glass goes bold in the season's most brilliant colors! Natural chill marks from the construction and the hand-applied ring on the neck of our Ring Bottles provide lovely texture and detail. The clear ice-like base gives sharp contrast to the saturated color of the body. Display each color on their own for a bold tonal statement or pair the two colors together to create depth and an array of dynamic color! Available in two sizes and two colors: Tall and Short & Aubergine and Crimson.

  • Размеры

  • Длина: 16 см
  • Высота: 50.8 см
  • Ширина: 6 см


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